Darpa - Time Travel Andrew D. Basiago part 1

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Comment by Cyprium on August 21, 2012 at 5:02pm

"attorney Andrew D. Basiago shared an update on his truth campaign involving time travel technologies. In discussing a recent news story about DARPA's advancement in video surveillance that could end public anonymity, he declared that "DARPA had far surpassed the performance of this kind of technology 40 years ago when I was serving on Project Pegasus" (as a child). He believes we're being prepared for the eventual truth about chronovision (technology to view past or future events), as well as teleportation into different times. The chronovisor, he explained, "generates a hologram of a past or future event...by driving an electromagnetic signal through an octagonal, an eight-sided array of bismuth crystals.""


See TNL article "CERN LHC and the Great Return" here: http://timenolonger.ning.com/forum/topics/cern-lhc-and-the-great-re... Which goes into a fuller discussion on the use of this geometry for time travel.

I don't endorse Basiago's viewpoint on this technology being a good thing for some purposes. It is power in the hands of corrupt people...that only results in one thing.


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