There is a kind of intoxication that is rampant around the whole world right now. A kind of mania that is becoming quite trendy to experience, sipped greedily from it's flask.

Subjectivity. What does it mean to be subjective, and what kind of value does it have in our consciousness? Surely it is good to have an opinion...our Father gave us free will, and desires not that we be mere robots. But there is a line between using one's own unique ability and slant on creation granted us by YHWH, and foolish philosophical drunkeness.

How many times have you been in conversation with somebody, and "deeper" matters such as truth and religion arise? It seems like now a days the perception is that to be a decent, open-minded individual, you must accept everthing as valid; and even if you "prefer" one system of thinking over another, your neighbor's is still to be respected and good in it's own way...or..."it works for them." Hogwash.

The author of the introduction of this section did a fantastic job in describing how this mentality works. Once some conditioning has occured, misinformation is spread, opinions are formulated, and reactions (both in mind and body) are triggered by any activation of the stimuli. And all under the guise of "fairness" and "equality".

I was actually in conversation with a school-mate recently about...something or another. He goes on to describe to me his philosophy in life: he prefers not to dwell in what brings out negativity , and just live-in a nutshell-"the good life." I recall looking t him, and feeling my mouth somewhat agape. Not because what he was saying was "deep", or sensical, or anything of the sort.

There is belief in making one's reality their own. Well, I am sick of it. No manner of wishing, pretending, deluding, or amount of fuzzy feelings will stop the sun from setting. No good fruit comes from trading one's sanity for mania and mental illness.

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i have found it exhausting sometimes trying to talk to people and trying to explain a thing in a way that to me, seems the easiest way to understand. i can not decode emotional reasons and philosophy and things of that kind seem to be put out in the world only to lose reason in a pile of confused ideas. when i only speak to others in a way that i myself would understand, using facts and reason and the judging of evidence it can seem as if i am speaking a different language to them.

if it were not that He is the reason i continue to try to reach some place in people that can understand a reality based on fact, i might easily give up trying. it is easy to become discouraged and see people as mostly hopeless but perhaps there is at least one in every hundred who is looking for truth in this world and it is worth it to find a few of them.

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