Is it indicated in the bible or it’s a pagan holiday or celebration?

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There is no Biblical reference to the exact time of Messiah's birth nor any mention of a commemoration of His birth or the practice of that by early Christians. The date on which Christmas is celebrated, though, (December 25th) has been a high holiday of many Pagan traditions prior to His birth.

Saturnalia, The Birthday of Sol Invictus (pagan solar deity) and Yule were all celebrated on December 25th. All of these holidays revolve around the rebirth of the solar god coinciding with the lenghtening of daylight hours after the winter solstice. Many of the traditions surrounding Christmas had their beginning in one of these celebrations.

The Catholic church began the "Christianizing" of Pagan festivles and they thus became associated with Christian beliefs.

Inspite of these things, millions of earnest believers celebrated centuries of Christmasses in a true spirit of glorifying the True Elohim, ignorant of the beginnings of the tradition. Perhaps one could argue very good points for this holiday being one that Christians should not participate in, and yet it can be difficult to see how eliminating this day has been good for His message, when the gospel of Yahushua has historically been preached and shared and celebrated more on this day than any other day of the year.

It is being eliminated in this country, first by secularism, then by religious "tolerance" and finally by Christians themselves.

 I have no good thing to say about many of the traditions associated with Christmas and certainly no good thing to say about the Pagan tradtitions they come from but i can say nothing bad for singing songs of praise to Him or putting up signs and reminders to people that He has come into the world to save them.

So its good to recall December 25 as the day of our messiah is birth.

Perhaps we should each listen to what the Holy Spirit says to our conscience about this day, according to the knowledge we have.

Its the day that one gets new things which happens in once for the year.

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