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Michelle Obama and Britney Spears

Michelle has gone on Jeopardy! bald could this be a punishment like when Britney shaved her head bald?

Started by words left unspoken

2 Mar 28, 2015
Reply by Tristran Hepburn


Wikileaks Weirdness and Turn-coat Truth-spinners

Julian Assange.. by now this name may be familiar to you as the "Wikileaks Guy" who was less recently hailed as one of the few harbingers o…

Started by Bean

7 Mar 1, 2015
Reply by Bean

When did King Abdullah die?

Publish Date : Thursday 10 February 2011 - 11:01/ Islam Times Exclusive: Saudia Arabia's King Abdullah passed away   Islam Times: Saudi Ara…

Started by Kathy

3 Feb 14, 2015
Reply by Bean


"godlikeproductions", Tavistock & Internet Mass Mind Control

last year i was banned twice by the godlikeproductions site.. as of today i have been yet again from it three times more.. after a total of…

Started by Bean

5 Feb 14, 2015
Reply by Bean


Man Warns of Joan Rivers' Sacrifice 18 Days Before Her Death

Started by Bean

1 Sep 11, 2014
Reply by Bean


Ferguson Events are a Snare of Deception Cast over the Nation

The Shooting of a young black man in Ferguson MO is certainly a distraction from many other things which are unfolding in this world right…

Started by Prodigal Son

1 Aug 17, 2014
Reply by Sinclair


CPS Legally Kidnapping Your Children

The American people are conditioned to trust government agencies of all types, regardless of what practices and lack of oversight might be…

Started by Cyprium

14 May 17, 2014
Reply by Prodigal Son


The Reality of Man Made Weather

For some, the idea of governments using technology which is able to modify the weather in any way they might like is still thought of as im…

Started by Prodigal Son

41 Apr 14, 2014
Reply by Matthew Kindle


Dogs and the Disarming of the People

"Dog Lovers Are Now Enemies of the StatePosted by Christopher Manion on April 19, 2012 10:07 AM   Clueless police seem to like intimidating…

Started by Prodigal Son

4 Jul 2, 2013
Reply by Bean


Obama, Syrian Rebels and Crap Like That

Look who's starting another war over some more imaginary weapons to cover some more elitist hindquarters. - "The US is to supply direct mil…

Started by Sinclair

0 Jun 14, 2013


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