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u/TwentySomethingDucks - r/The_Donald

"This is the rebuilding of American society at 1%. 60 year old veterans dumping their oxycodone down the sink and never swallowing another pill again. Single mothers paying cash for a pistol because they'll put a hollow point in your chest if you touch their children. Stomping out flags on fire and scattering the pack of mongrels and misfits who lit it ablaze. Endless unimaginable amounts of God and glory and guts pouring from the keyboards and phones and mouths of patriots whose eyes are wide open and piercing through the veil. Overturning the cold damp rocks laid with moss and crushing every m***** f****** thing that slithers out from their den. The strong stepping out in front of the weak, the bright outlasting the dim, the changing of the guard. The abysmal tide hitting a solid wall of American steel and the creaking wake heard across the land. The tree of liberty being basked in the fury of a thousand suns of providence. The elitist Hollywood cults black bagged and stripped of their pleasures. Mockingbirds necks snapping and the parroting ceases. We'll come for you in the night like you sent the night upon us. We'll tear out your eyes like you tore out the minds of a generation. This is the rebuilding of American society at 1%. Someone get me a g****** rifle and a shovel we have work to do.

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Be swift my soul to answer Him, be jubilant, my feet. Our God is marching on.

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