My wife had the TV on yesterday (Today Show), and "Keisha" was on. flashing devil horns, wearing satanic cross on her outfit, along with satanic cross lapel pin. Dancers were loaded with pentagrams, all seeing eye, etc. The audience (mostly moms and daughters) were CLUELESS.

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Hi there Herm :u)

I looked up this artist, not knowing a thing about her. Apparently her name is "Kesha" and she's got quite a reputation for showing off Luciferian symbolism. It seems not even to be the sneaky, subliminal type that we're all familiar with. Now this sort of symbolism is being used like any other counter culture fad to draw children into an accepting relationship with this philosophy. It's right out there on top. The rulers are now overtly trying to raise the next generation to love them.

 I don't much care for the girl's presentation of the facts in this video with her light approach and almost mocking tone towards anyone who would take this seriously but it shows what's going on with the new trend in the entertainment that young people are getting interested in.

Thanks for your post, Sinclair. It always seems to boil down to the struggle between good and evil. I have pretty much had the TV off for the past year. It is astounding to see, as you point out, to see what young people are getting interested in. Blessings to you, my friend!

Thanks for bringing this up, Herm.. funny how the signs of the times are signs of the times..

Sinclair, you make a great point.. the overtness has made the imagery a fad now.. i imagine this is similar to the 60s esoteric 'free love' movement with the upside-down-broken-cross Peace Sign becoming a fad for the kids, a mystery to the parents, and then ultimately has returned to be completely accepted, and often-times preferred, symbol for the Global Oneness of 'world peace' for young kids and the rest of unwitting mainstream society.

Peace symbols were called a 'sign of the times' and used to inflate 'revolution in the air'.. and now, i mean, you can pick up pretty much any Bed Bath and Beyond flyer and find the Satanic peace sign on something - usually something for kids - or just walk into a mall (not recommended!) on any given day.

With the accelerated acceptance we have now-a-days.. How long until we see the Eye overtly displayed on run-of-the-mill, mass-marketed T-shirts, baseball caps and bedsheets? 

Like you pointed out, Herm, it always boils down to good or evil, right or wrong, no matter how the world attempts to blur the line.

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