This year's seasonal flu vaccine is being encouraged for everyone 6 months and older. Before you or someone you care about decides to take this vaccine, know what is in it. The ingredients, aside from the pathogen itself, are listed below specifically taken from Glaxo Smith Kline's PREPANDRIX ingredients list. Other brands will contain the same ingredients in slightly different proportions. This year's seasonal shot includes the H1N1 pathogen as well as other common strains.

Everyone should ask themselves how much it makes sense that these things should ever be recommended for injection into weak and vulnerable persons such as the elderly and infants especially. The very ones which are most targeted for seasonal flu shots are those who are most likely to experience tragic side effects.

haemagglutinin - Blood agglutinator (causes blood to clot)

squalene - a hydrocarbon compound found naturally in shark liver oil, though squalene used in vaccines is usually a synthetic polymer. Used to intensify immune response, this was the determining factor in a disorder known as Gulf War syndrome. Symptoms include headache, dizziness, digestive ailments, auto immune disorders, fatigue, cancer, birth defects, joint and muscle pain and varied neurological problems.

DL-a-tocopherol - A synthetic form of vitamin E which instead of acting as a nutrient, extracts nutrients out of bone and soft tissue.

polysorbate 80 - A polyethoxylated (having the properties of a detergent) emulsifier. Is potentially mutanagenic, causes reduction in fertility.

Octoxynol 10 - A surfactant and also used as the active ingredient in spermicides. Serious reproductive damaging effects, mutanagenic.

Thimerosal - A mercury compound used as a preservative. Toxic to nearly every major organ, bone marrow and central nervous system. Can cause peripheral neuropathy (causing a tingling, itching or numb sensation), skin discoloration, swelling, sweating, tachycardia, hypertension, rashes, loss of hair, photo-sensitivity, renal failure, insomnia, memory impairment and autism in children.

Sodium chloride - table salt. Perhaps the safest ingredient in the vaccine, though injected can aggravate hypertension.

Disodium hydrogen phosphate - A sodium salt of phosphoric acid used as an anti caking agent. Can cause irritation at injection site, vascular damage, abdominal pain and intestinal upset.

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate - A Soluble salt used as a fertilizer, fungicide and pesticide. Can degrade to toxic oxides in certain ph environments. Causes local pain and irritation at injection site.

Potassium chloride - A metal halide salt of potassium and chlorine. Used as the active ingredient in lethal injection execution and also as a fertilizer. Damages heart, can cause sudden cardiac arrest, the reason it is used for lethal injection.

Magnesium chloride - Ionic halide salt used as coagulant, de-icer and animal feed additive. May cause allergic reaction resulting in anaphylaxis.

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There is no law that orders children in the US to have vaccines to attend schools. It doesn't exist. There are only "mandates" which are NOT LAWS. It IS a law that schools must allow for an opt-out waiver because of medical issues or personal beliefs. They present it like this to trick people into believing that they are breaking the law if they don't abide by the "mandate".

"Are vaccines required for children to attend school and daycare in New Jersey?

    New Jersey has mandatory vaccination regulations, however, a child can attend public or most private schools with select or no vaccines if the parent/guardian provides a valid medical or religious exemption letter to the school administrator. Private and religiously affiliated schools may or may not accept religious vaccine exemptions, however. NJ does not currently allow parents to use a conscientious/philosophical vaccine exemption, which would change if bill A1368 passes into law.":

"New Jersey boy not allowed back to school without flu shot

A 4-year-old boy from New Jersey was asked not to return to his school without a flu shot. But his parents say the child is allergic to the raw egg in the vaccine.

Jeremy Pereira was home playing on an iPad instead of attending school on Monday. Jeremy is allergic to egg, which is present in the flu vaccine. His parents won't expose him but without the shot his school won't let him back until April.

The Pereiras say they had a letter from Jeremy's pediatrician explains his egg allergy. But the boy's doctors recommended giving him the vaccine and then judging his reaction. However, his parents wouldn't do this.

New Jersey is one of the only states in the nation to require flu shots for young schoolchildren, from six months through 5 years old.

December 31, 2012, was the deadline was the deadline to get the flu shot..."

Read more:

New White House Petition to “Classify Refusal To Vaccinate Children As A Mental Disorder” Has 2,000+ Signatures

Sadly, that’s just what California is about to try to do… attempt to take away parent’s rights to religious or personal belief exemptions...

Published February 05, 2015

Parents would no longer be able to cite personal beliefs or religions reasons to send unvaccinated children to private and public schools. The proposal would become the third state with similar restrictions after dozens of people have contracted measles that started at Disneyland...

Um.. started at Disneyland..?  indeed, i'm sure!  i'd like to know how people who believe this propaganda think all our ancestors made it through up until now without vaccines.. it's like they've never even heard of antibodies. 

The only true, always effective, and lifelong "vaccine" is colostrum, the first milk produced my a mother and needed by an infant within the first few hours after birth to deliver its protective effect. The practice of formula feeding has not helped the population's resistance to disease. Many of the diseases that past generations have dealt with would be naturally less of a threat today had not the practice of formula feeding begun.

Over 100 Spokane, Washington, students pulled from school over vaccination records

It provides exemptions on medical, personal, philosophical and religious grounds. Some parents even handed out exemption forms at the vaccination clinics.

For students who weren't in compliance, the district imposed a temporary 10-day expulsion, after which each situation would be decided on a case-by-case basis.|maing15|dl21|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D644267

California mandatory vaccine legislation bill gets first public debate

Similar efforts to stop vaccine exemptions have failed to advance but California pushes on

By Judy Lin Apr 9, 2015

California mandatory vaccine legislation bill gets first public debate

A bill requiring California schoolchildren to get vaccinated will receive its first public hearing Wednesday after similar efforts to limit exemptions in Washington and Oregon failed to advance.

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