Russian Governor Says He Made Friends With ETs
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Lee Speigel Contributor
AOL News
(May 7) -- You can't make this stuff up, or can you? Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the governor of Russia's Buddhist republic, Kalmykia, claims he was abducted in 1997 from his Moscow apartment by aliens who took him into their spaceship.

Apparently, some in the Russian government aren't scoffing at his story and want President Dmitry Medvedev to interrogate Ilyumzhinov, concerned that he may have spilled official secrets to the alien visitors.

Ilyumzhinov, 48, who is also president of the World Chess Federation, told Channel One Russian television host Vladimir Pozner that he spent several hours with the aliens, writes The Moscow Times.
Dmitry Astakhov, AP
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, right, toasts World Chess Federation President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov during his meeting with leaders of world sports organizations in Kazan, Russia, on Oct. 23.
According to his tale, Ilyumzhinov was in bed, falling asleep, and heard a voice call him from his balcony. When he went outside, Ilyumzhinov claims he was met by humanoids dressed in yellow spacesuits, who then whisked him on a tour of their spaceship.

"I would probably have not believed this if there had not been three witnesses -- those were my driver, a minister and my assistant," Ilyumzhinov said. He added that the alleged aliens "spoke" with him telepathically and said they had come to Earth for samples. What kind of samples hasn't been revealed.

Andrei Lebedev, an official with the Liberal Democratic Party, wants the Kremlin to investigate this story and would like Medvedev to determine whether or not Ilyumzhinov offered any official confidential Russian information to the otherworldly travelers.

Bottom line: Should Ilyumzhinov be allowed to continue in his role as governor for possibly giving away state secrets?

My question: What possible top-secret information could Ilyumzhinov have offered to ETs that they would even want -- or be able to use?

Ilyumzhinov is hardly the only political figure to have a close encounter. Last year, Japan's first lady, Miyuki Hatoyama, revealed in her memoir that she had been taken from her bedroom one night 20 years ago by space aliens who traveled to Earth on a triangular-shaped UFO that took her to Venus.

The BBC reports that, in a letter to Medvedev, Lebedev suggested that, if Ilyumzhinov's story wasn't a hoax, then it must be viewed as an historic event and should have been reported to the Kremlin.

Lebedev also inquired if there are government guidelines in case any officials are contacted by.

With this close encounter hanging over his head, Ilyumzhinov may very well wonder how it will affect Medvedev's decision later this year to reappoint him as Kalmykia's leader.

And, oh yes, it should be noted that Ilyumzhinov has a well-known eccentric personality. No doubt

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be inviting these "Friends" in for a cup of coffee.

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It seems that by inches the focus on aliens is progressing out of the "fringe" of society into "well respected" circles of conversation. Claims taken seriously in a public manner like this by a county's government is something to take notice of. I would imagine it might not be long before Obama makes a statement which hints at the credibility of claims like this....and then...well...perhaps we'll be seeing these entities at a State of the Union Address.

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