Just a concern. A few days ago, the Supreme Court made a motion on Obama Care that come 2014, it would be manditory to buy health insurance or be fined. I am praying that it gets repealed and that Romney gets elected. I don't care if he is Mormon. I do not want to support something that supports abortion and living in a household that is lukewarm and would tell I either have to compromise my beliefs or that I am crazy is not good either. Many need to get up with the ACLJ (American Center For Law & Justice) to help prevent this from being passed.

I just wonder of a darker possibility. Could Obama Care spark the mandate for Veri Chip (The Mark of Revelation)?

This scares me as I will not take this and will attack anyone who tries to mandate it on me. I know my parents would probably take the chip. I don't doubt. But this is concerning me.

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The Obama healthcare plan is horrid...there's no doubt about it. Regardless of what happens and what is the "law" according to the system...those in my household won't be getting insurance. I would love to see it repealed somehow but i don't think we can count on any future president or politician to be on our side. I imagine the only things that will make a difference in that sense are the will of our Father and the level of public outrage. They prefer the people to stay in a state of apathy and don't care for anything that shakes people awake, even a little bit. This healthcare or some form of it is their plan but they attempt to implement their plans at points in time that they can insure the public will sleep through it for the most part.

What we need to remember about presidential candidates is that this system does not operate in the way its advertised. We don't have fairly elected presidents with differing agendas and viewpoints. We don't really have a say in who takes that office. This is actually not a hidden truth, as many things about this corrupt system aren't really hidden...they just become ignored over time. The electoral college has always made the choice on who the president will be....though we are led to believe that votes are counted and those officials will vote accordingly...there is actually no public proof of the vote count at all and i have witnessed votes still being counted while the winner is being announced.

The presidents have been almost exclusively all of one common descent and related to one another. There's a simple reason for this...the powers that be only choose their own to fill certain positions and in this country, the President represents an arm of the monarchies of Europe. They stand in as the figurehead of the elite families, but in truth they are directed in their actions as President by hidden governing bodies outside this country.

These are the reasons that no matter who the candidate, no matter what they promise...in the end the situations don't change...the problems don't go away and the country continues to lose their civil liberties piece by piece.

The construction of Washington Dc, its layout, its architechture and monuments have been precisely placed how they are to facilitate the drawing of Satanic power into the area. The Whitehouse is actually situated at the point of a pentagram so that this evil power is directed to the oval office.

We'll never really see a President, or any human world leader, change this world or even this country toward a new and better direction. That is why we wait for and trust on the appearing of our Savior...He's the One who is going to put all this right.

Great info. I know our votes do not count at all. The electoral college is what decides. And yes, I know about the Masonic layout of DC. If you look at it from the top you will see the masonic owl. There is a building somewhere there that looks like the All Seeing Eye. The capital building has a statue of Minerva on top. The Washington monument is a giant stone penis if you will. I have also heard that the bhuddist wheel with eight spokes is in there somewhere as well. I don't know about Lincoln and Jefferson memorial. I have been to Lincoln and not seen anything occult.

The bad thing is that if the health insurance is not repealed, I will be forced to get it by my parents, I believe. I have no job yet, but I am in the process of trying to get in with the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools. I literally feel drawn to work there because of the kids and the environment. I do not want to support something where money goes toward abortion. I am already in a train wreck with my beliefs and I sure don't want it to get worse.

So many bad things go through my head as if I am cursing G-d in my head (the train wreck incident here) It is bad and the health care issues don't make it better. I sure hope it is repealed.

I just wonder one big issue of could the health care mean that we have to get marked with the mark of revelation or does that come out of Europe? The EU and UN? Or does it have to do with the Muslims?

There's an article here on the DC layout with photos of Cydonia Mensae as well:


Don't worry Tabitha....set yourself to do what is right and tell YHWH that you will stick by Him wherever He leads you. He will lead you to an answer and a direction. Keep your mind open to that...His answers are very often not what we are expecting them to be and the way that he makes a path for us is sometimes in the most unlikely of ways. It might not look like the easiest direction, but it's going to take you to a blessing if you follow.

But remember...no worries...no worries...Yahushua will never leave you or forsake you. Faith is taking that first step onto the water and not wondering if you will sink.

The Mark is said to be something we will be told we must have in order to purchase or sell. It is tied with economy in that sense and it might take the form of a chip or a nanoparticle tattoo or some other as yet uninvented thing...we can't know exactly for cetain until it arrives. Even then...many fearful people will opt to find reasons to not believe that the mark is what it is. Facing life with the uncertainty of where to get one's necessities can be such a serious influence. This is where we really will be tested in the furnace. Our trust has to be rock solid then.... so we should not feel discouraged when He allows us to be tested in small ways now because those small ways are our training...they are what will build our faith to stand in the day of trial.

That makes a lot of sense. Healthcare does not have to do with economy and buying and selling. I forgot that number one most important thing there. But do you know that some believe that the mark is a riddle for Sabbath? And that buying and selling on Sabbath could be the mark. I do not exactly believe this because the mark is tied with currency, and not being able to buy or sell period.

I don't personally believe that its related to the Sabbath, though i do know that some do. This mark represents something that seriously threatens lives for those who won't take it. That's Satan's plan...as he said about Job...."life for life...everything a man has he will give to save his life. " YHWH will allow Satan to try His people just as he did Job.

I remember the test of job and it serves as an example for believers that they are to endure through times of testing which sadly, I will admit that I cannot at the moment.

The mark must be so bad that anyone who does not take it gets killed.

Another issue with Job, when he curses his birthday, does this mean that it is sinful to celebrate birthdays as some say. I know this is off topic, but some say birthdays are evil. I know America's way of celebrating them are idolatrous, the MTV Sweet 16, but other cultures are nothing like America.

Not one of us are able to endure trials by our own power...it's with Elohim that All things are possible and Yahushua has become our access to that strength of endurance.

Yes, many will be martyred for not taking the mark...but that is actually a blessing. There is no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend and who is our greatest Friend and Advocate if not Messiah.

Job was cursing the day of his birth because he had reached such a point of despair that he literally wished he'd never been born. There is nothing particularly mentioned about the observance of birthdays in general, though many pagan cultures have celebrated them with idolotrous festivals. Some i know choose to celebrate the day that they came to Yahushua instead of any actual date of natural birth. Perhaps that day should be looked at as our true birthday.

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