As we've all been digging for answers on the Coronavirus matter, i think we got it. So here it is:

Today Weinstein was sentenced to prison for 23 years on rape charges

Now check Q post 2888 -

"Who will be next to fall post Weinstein?
Big name coming?
Nobody is safe.
Dark to LIGHT.
These people are sick!"

"BIG" - The star of the movie of the same name. Tom Hanks is now sick with the coronavirus.

"These people are sick" has a double meaning.

The pope, Iranian officials, UK cabinet members. Maybe we should rename this the Covfefevirus and as normal, non-cabal members, we can relax?

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Come on - 4 Years Later; Trump and Q with their (H)opium should have terminated every Swamp head by now.

If recent rumours are true and certain NSA/CIA heads are in Guantanamo Bay then does it really matter if they get beheaded today ?

As i said 4 years ago - "Too Little, Too Late".

The film "Hunger Games" with a major actor "Donald (Trump) Sunderland"; here we come.

Currently stocked up with foods, meds and Vodka before i say NO to the compulsory Vaxxine. Whilst being a Support Worker for Service Users that can barely breath, my days are numbered because i am never going to take the Mark of the Beast via nanites contained in this evil vaxxine.

Hope you guys survive longer than i will.

"Trump and Q with their (H)opium should have terminated every Swamp head by now."

That is, word for word, a line from a script that Soros is paying people to post in response to the subject of Q. I can only hope you are Not getting paid to say it because those people are going to prison.

There is no mandatory vaccine coming in the US. That eliminates it as a global phenomenon which the mark must be.

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